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Tips from a Young Teacher

(Last year, a student who was writing a paper interviewed me. He asked me to provide a few tips on how to be successful. I laughed because I didn’t think I was in the position to provide such tips when I couldn’t even proclaim myself successful. But since the student wouldn’t let me get away without answering his question, I just told him the things I have been doing, hoping they would help me reach my goals.)

1. Love your Job. The moment you do, being diligent and patient despite distress and imperfections will be a lot easier.

2. Do not always seek for your own interest. You need to think about the people you work with or the people you’ll meet while you are doing your job. If your aim in life is just to outshine and outwit your colleagues, you’ll never be happy. There is nothing noble about being better or greater than others.

3. Be Honest. Being honest entails always coming to work on time, refraining from being absent, and making the most out of your time whenever you are at work.

4. Find satisfaction in what you can do. When you have fallen short on something, don’t hate yourself or blame other people. If your efforts seem not enough, don’t despair. You are fallible. Everyone is. And there will always be a room for improvement. Just do what you are capable of.

5. Believe that you can prosper. Never engage in the business of disparaging yourself. In this world where looking down at others and deliberately criticizing one’s work have been considered normal activities by many, you may also find it easy to not believe in yourself and underestimate your capabilities. You may find pressures at work too overwhelming that instead of doing your utmost to accomplish a task assigned to you, you start doubting your abilities and wallow in self-pity or worse, self-loathing. But those should never be included in your options. If you don’t believe that you are the right man for the job, then you’re not and you’ll never be. If you don’t believe that you can prosper, you won’t. Self-loathing won’t bring you anywhere but down. There is nothing wrong about trying to believe in the skills God has bestowed on you. Besides, if you can’t even trust your own abilities, then don’t expect others to do otherwise.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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