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Stereotyping and What it Does

Stereotyping happens when an individual forms generalized assumptions about groups of people based on their characteristics such as race, ethnic origin, social class, religion, gender or even physical appearance.

If men would always be viewed as stronger, more competent to hold positions, and make wiser and better decisions in any situations,(which oftentimes happen) then they would always be given better and greater opportunities. If women would always be deemed as weaker vessels, not capable of holding positions beyond the confines of their homes and were only created to give birth to a child and to serve their husbands, then women would be forever in the back seat, waiting for directions but will never get the chance to direct.

When stereotypes, especially the negative ones prevail, women and men will never be given equal opportunities to hone their skills, take the lead and hold high positions.Both groups will always be limited and will be forced to curtail their own passions and worse, their rights will even be violated – to be informed, to be educated, to express their ideas and to be who they want to be.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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