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The Damage Has Been Done

Communication is and will always be irreversible. Words, once they were uttered can never be taken back. Actions, once they have been taken can never be undone. Thoughts, once they have been acted on will become a part of reality and eliminating them will neither be easy or possible.

Sometimes, we say bad things to someone when we’re mad or hurt. We may apologize afterwards but such will never change the fact that we had already hurled invective or insults at others and that we had hurt them too.

This reminds me of a line from a song written by one of my favorite Filipino songwriters/singers Dong Abay. It says “Hindi ko sasabihin, lahat ng iniisip. Sa halip ay iisipin, lahat ng sasabihin.”

The point is clear. There is nothing wrong in saying the things we want to say or voicing out what we feel. But merely saying everything we have in mind without carefully thinking whether it would also hurt or offend others isn’t wise. It may only cause one trouble and even greater pain.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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