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What A Teacher Must Do: Consider the Needs of Learners

No two individuals are alike.

Simple yet it tells a lot. Every human being is born with unique qualities, needs, strengths, weaknesses and even desires. Though each goes through similar stages of development, individuals develop their potentials in different ways. They interpret their experiences in different manners; look at the world from different perspectives. This entails that our learners too have varied desires, needs and potentials and such needs should be dealt with accordingly.

Thus, a teacher does not employ only one strategy or method or approach in teaching his learners. He has to consider their potentials and needs and he has to make sure that his teaching strategies are perfectly suited to these needs. He does not impose his own desires on his learners nor does he force them to conform to his own objectives for the class. He sets objectives according to his students’ needs; he teaches the learners what they have to know, not what he believes they have to know.

The activities a teacher provides to class are also varied as he tries to consider the existence of multiple intelligences among his learners. His teaching strategies, activities, ways of presenting the lessons should be in congruence to the strengths and weaknesses of his students; should be suitable to their needs and level of understanding. We do not force them to be on the same level that we are in; or like the things that we like for them. Instead, since we can understand who they are, we go down to their level and lift them up.

Lastly, understanding of the learners’ varied needs and personalities should motivate an educator to respect his learners. Respect should then help him to avoid disparaging any of his students and their ideas and to promote and even inculcate justice, discipline and equality in his class.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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