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I am not a hard-core feminist but I believe that people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation should be given equal opportunities to succeed in life, be better and be empowered.

Marxist Feminism had emphasized before that men were given greater privileges than women; that men had always dominated the corporate world, that they had been given greater control over the mode of production but women were left at home, doing household chores and fulfilling her responsibilities as a wife and one of these would be to bear a child. Thus men were in-charged with the mode of production and women, expected to do their part in the whole process of reproduction. Capitalism resulted in women being oppressed. Radical feminism though a bit different from Marxist Feminism emphasized the same idea – that women are being oppressed and men are more privileged. This was brought about by the kind of society we have which according to Radical feminism is inherently tied to patriarchy or also known as “the rule of the father”.

Whatever theory on feminism would emerge, they would only try to explain one fact, that the great dichotomy between men and women has been long established and has been strengthened. Men would always be considered stronger, more competent to hold positions, more skilled, more rightful to make decisions and possess all the great qualities which will enable them to become good leaders. And women are just confined in their rigid roles as wives, as mothers – a much weaker vessel, oftentimes moved by her emotions, one who will tend to be indecisive, who should submit to the headship of the man.

Women will inevitably be different from men in various ways. That’s a fact. I believe in the Theory of Creation and I believe men and women were created equal. But the Creator has bestowed men and women with different skills and abilities so each group would be able to impart one unique contribution for the betterment of the whole human society. The problem will now only lie on how men and women would be using these given skills to help themselves and  others.

Taking the lead is nothing but an empty role which will only have its meaning when a man or a woman chooses to take on it. The approach would be different because the skills given to them are different. But the truth is, no approach should be deemed better or stronger or more effective.

Men have long dominated as leaders. And women, because of some constraints set by the society which has the tendency to be unjust, were forced to take the back seat, silently waiting for their turn to impart what they have.This world caters to men and women alike. Thus, each group should be given the right and the opportunity to take the lead and utilize their own God-given skills in taking on that role.Women should not be deprived of that chance.

Power doesn’t only belong to only few or to a selected group. If taking the lead means being in power, then women must be given that chance. And if they have proven themselves worthy of it,then they must be allowed to continue playing that role. Anyway, we only have but one aim and that is to make this world a better place to live in.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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