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What a Teacher Must Do: Be a Transformational Leader

Each style of leadership has its own strengths and weaknesses. But if I were to pick which of these will always be appropriate, it would be Transformational Leadership.

It allows for remarkable permutations to happen in the lives of everyone involved – the leader’s and the followers’. First, it is a must for a leader to set a good example, to become a role model for his subordinates and he can’t do that if he doesn’t possess positive qualities. Thus, he needs to get rid himself of evil ideas, motives and habits so he can effectively direct his followers. Second, followers are more inspired, more motivated and more elevated for they are being provided with the accurate information, support and encouragement. Their ideas are being heard and given importance. Their needs are considered. Their skills are being enhanced. Their weaknesses are not being ignored but are being eliminated for the prime concern of their leader is for them to change for the better. They are being trained to become leaders as well in the future. Third, the entire group has a better chance at succeeding for its members are not working just for the pursue their own interests, neither are they working just to get valuable things for themselves.

As a teacher who oftentimes need to take the lead in a class, I have observed that students would at times have to depend on you and at the same time would want to try doing things on their own but still yearn to hear positive remarks from you. Whenever I give my students tasks to do, I don’t merely ask them to do it and leave them. I make sure that I am there to watch how they are going to complete the task and offer help whenever such is needed. When they failed on a task, I don’t play God and decide on my own how to prevent such mishaps from happening again. I seek for their opinions about why they failed, what they learned from it and how they can avoid failing the next time they are asked to work on a task. I do not usually make rules for my students. Instead, I ask my students to help create rules which we all have to abide whenever we are in the classroom. And I have found this practice effective for my students feel disobeying rules will be tantamount to cheating on themselves.I do not also use my power as a teacher to violate the rules we all created. As the leader, it is a must for me to set a good example.

I do not use my phone whenever I am in class because I also do not want to see my students doing such especially during class discussions. I come to class on time for I also want my students to do the same. I do not utter profanities for we had an agreement that profane words are a taboo in our class.That way, I can gain my students’ trust and respect.

I make sure that at the end of the semester, my students will become better than the person they were the first time they entered my class.And I have realized that this form of leadership is effective.
Being authoritative and being lax will just move my students to hate or even curse me. Be authoritative and you will only instill fear in them. They will obey you because they are afraid of you. Give them unrestricted freedom and they will only learn to depend on themselves and they will detach themselves from you.

But try to be with them especially at times when your guidance or mere presence is needed, make them feel that they too can win and succeed, persuade them that there is nothing noble about being mediocre, instead, they need to be better than the person they were before and help them improve and they will obey you; and this time with a willing heart and deep respect.It is only through transformational leadership that you can touch and change people’s lives.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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