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Taking a Chance with Someone from the Past

(by STEFHANIE J. GARIN, ABM Student from Mangaldan National High School in Pangasinan)

It is true that second chances are deserved by everyone. It is not bad to clean the mistakes from the past to make a better, stronger, and well-built version of an individual.

The latest commercial of Globe Telecom hit the social media with 3.1 million views from YouTube and is raising a banner of, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” It captivated the hearts of many Filipinos nationwide because of its contiguous “hugot” advertisement. It is the most touching yet convincing commercial in the country this year so far.

It tells the story of a woman and a man who once became madly in love with each other but got separated just like other unlucky couples do. It started when the woman was in a café shop and decided to check her email. The Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ shared a throwback picture with many memories 4 years ago in the woman’s timeline. A sharp pang of pain hits her as memories appeared slowly from when they started everything. They both met because of their group of friends in a party. They became close friends like there was nothing against them. To make it short, they became happy with each other four years ago. But then, here comes the destiny playing its role so well. The woman saw the man happily chatting with his friends inside the café shop where they also used to have fun. The woman is still insisting to do something but she grabbed her phone and sent a message to the man asking him for a coffee. The man received the message, looked at her with a smile on his face and began to walk into her table. The commercial ended with longing in their hearts and a happy moment that will never be forgotten.

Globe Telecom (Globe) is one of the major providers of telecommunications service in the Philippines and has many shareholders just like Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom. Globe produced a satisfying and a meaningful commercial that tries to tell us to give everybody a second chance including them. Many people came up with a conclusion that Globe failed to satisfy their customers for the last few years because of its smaller coverage, slower speeds, capped data and bad customer services. This gives numerous Globe users a reason to switch to other offers. However, through this commercial, Globe wants to fix everything to make their customers be at the best state again.

This commercial makes it so easy to capture the interests of many people nationwide for it was able to tell a story within two minutes that just isn’t told in the current mainstream environment. Teenagers were easily drawn by this kind of advertisement because of many posts that comes out talking about moving on. With love complications to someone they care the most, many can relate in this kind of commercial. And of course, bitter people can’t be out of the scene. These are the people who express their pain and anger by saying and making things that can hurt the feelings of others such as, “Walang Forever!” and “Magbebreak din kayo sa 23!” They surrounded the commercial with many hurtful but valid comments such as, “Not everybody deserves a second chance! Once nagkamali, there’s a big tendency na gagawin ulit.” and “There’s no second chance to those who hurt you badly…except if you love them most as you love your stupidity then…”

This commercial is also just like the “Tuloy Pa Rin” commercial by McDonald with the same genre that talks about the past. But unlike the McDo commercial, “Will you #TakeThatChance” commercial ended with giving each other a second chance to fix the mistakes from their past. The girl in the Mcdo commercial ended with no more chances but chooses to continue her life and help herself from everything that keeps her from moving on.

Everybody in this world has made a mistake at one point. They just need to forgive and forget. Second chances are somewhat worth taking the risk. It is an awesome thing one could have. Whether someone made mistakes or even if they made something terrible, they should forgive each other and make a new start. No one is perfect. Everyone just needs to accept, forgive, and give chances to those people around us.

Will You #TakeThatChance commercial is a wonderful example for people who have difficulties in forgiving someone and still thinking twice on giving them a second chance. It should be acknowledge for its representation about life that gives definite meaning to all. Life is not that long for one to not forgive someone for their mistakes. All people should stay positive at all times and never ever take side with negativities.

The commercial gave its best to have an appreciative and meaningful message. If I were to make a mistake, I would hope to be forgiven and be given a second chance.



Senior High School Teacher from the Philippines.

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