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Taking a Chance with Someone from the Past

(by STEFHANIE J. GARIN, ABM Student from Mangaldan National High School in Pangasinan)

It is true that second chances are deserved by everyone. It is not bad to clean the mistakes from the past to make a better, stronger, and well-built version of an individual.

The latest commercial of Globe Telecom hit the social media with 3.1 million views from YouTube and is raising a banner of, “Everyone deserves a second chance.” It captivated the hearts of many Filipinos nationwide because of its contiguous “hugot” advertisement. It is the most touching yet convincing commercial in the country this year so far.

It tells the story of a woman and a man who once became madly in love with each other but got separated just like other unlucky couples do. It started when the woman was in a café shop and decided to check her email. The Facebook’s ‘On This Day’ shared a throwback picture with many memories 4 years ago in the woman’s timeline. A sharp pang of pain hits her as memories appeared slowly from when they started everything. They both met because of their group of friends in a party. They became close friends like there was nothing against them. To make it short, they became happy with each other four years ago. But then, here comes the destiny playing its role so well. The woman saw the man happily chatting with his friends inside the café shop where they also used to have fun. The woman is still insisting to do something but she grabbed her phone and sent a message to the man asking him for a coffee. The man received the message, looked at her with a smile on his face and began to walk into her table. The commercial ended with longing in their hearts and a happy moment that will never be forgotten.

Globe Telecom (Globe) is one of the major providers of telecommunications service in the Philippines and has many shareholders just like Ayala Corporation and Singapore Telecom. Globe produced a satisfying and a meaningful commercial that tries to tell us to give everybody a second chance including them. Many people came up with a conclusion that Globe failed to satisfy their customers for the last few years because of its smaller coverage, slower speeds, capped data and bad customer services. This gives numerous Globe users a reason to switch to other offers. However, through this commercial, Globe wants to fix everything to make their customers be at the best state again.

This commercial makes it so easy to capture the interests of many people nationwide for it was able to tell a story within two minutes that just isn’t told in the current mainstream environment. Teenagers were easily drawn by this kind of advertisement because of many posts that comes out talking about moving on. With love complications to someone they care the most, many can relate in this kind of commercial. And of course, bitter people can’t be out of the scene. These are the people who express their pain and anger by saying and making things that can hurt the feelings of others such as, “Walang Forever!” and “Magbebreak din kayo sa 23!” They surrounded the commercial with many hurtful but valid comments such as, “Not everybody deserves a second chance! Once nagkamali, there’s a big tendency na gagawin ulit.” and “There’s no second chance to those who hurt you badly…except if you love them most as you love your stupidity then…”

This commercial is also just like the “Tuloy Pa Rin” commercial by McDonald with the same genre that talks about the past. But unlike the McDo commercial, “Will you #TakeThatChance” commercial ended with giving each other a second chance to fix the mistakes from their past. The girl in the Mcdo commercial ended with no more chances but chooses to continue her life and help herself from everything that keeps her from moving on.

Everybody in this world has made a mistake at one point. They just need to forgive and forget. Second chances are somewhat worth taking the risk. It is an awesome thing one could have. Whether someone made mistakes or even if they made something terrible, they should forgive each other and make a new start. No one is perfect. Everyone just needs to accept, forgive, and give chances to those people around us.

Will You #TakeThatChance commercial is a wonderful example for people who have difficulties in forgiving someone and still thinking twice on giving them a second chance. It should be acknowledge for its representation about life that gives definite meaning to all. Life is not that long for one to not forgive someone for their mistakes. All people should stay positive at all times and never ever take side with negativities.

The commercial gave its best to have an appreciative and meaningful message. If I were to make a mistake, I would hope to be forgiven and be given a second chance.

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It’s More Fun in Baguio

(by KATRINA ROSE TAMAYO, ABM -1 Student of Mangaldan National High School, Pangasinan)

Baguio City, also called City of Pines, is a mountainous place popularly known for abundant pine trees and its everyday-icebucket-challenge weather. Tourists love to visit here especially during summer because of the cold weather, mouth-watering delicacies and astonishing scenic views. Even more museums and art galleries like Bencab can be visited in Baguio portraying the richness and long historical struggle for the preservation of their identity as an ethnic tribe, Igorot.

Travelling to Baguio is challenging. Infrastructures were built on top of the mountains and so the roads are in ups and downs. It is indeed a breath-taking moment being on the edge of a road located at 500 meters above sea level. Zigzag roads are amazing with their firm structure despite of being mountainous place. While on the road we are free to have sight-seeing with the green trees and feel the cold temperature letting us appreciate more the wonders of nature. At the most, travelling also gives us the spur of moment to make some realizations in life. Some of us believe that we will never have the willpower and determination to achieve our goals and plans but in Baguio we can. We all know that clouds are very high to soar and very high to reach but in Baguio there are no barriers. As the bus keeps on moving and keeps on closing to the thick clouds we can be able to touch it and it is like reaching our goals. All we have to do is to have patience and of course go to Baguio.

Upon visiting Baguio, one of the things that a tourist must never forget is to find the delicacies and to buy pasalubongs. Generally, these can be found in Public Market especially the strawberries. Its red color, sweet and seemingly sour taste attracts costumers. Many products have been innovated using strawberries as a flavor such as jam, ice cream, taho and some other foodies. For more information, strawberries that we consume are not actually fruits but only a receptacle.

Lengua De Gato is also a popular product of Baguio. The texture and buttery taste of the cookie makes it a unique product of Baguio. With its affordable price costumers will surely buy many. We can have 8 containers of Lengua De Gato for as low as one hundred pesos.

Baguio is one of the producers of fruits and vegetables. This mountainous place is rich in cabbage, potatoes, Baguio beans, carrots, wombok, sayote and etc. For about 10 pesos price of cabbage we can make already a delicious adobo. Potatoes can be bought at 20 pesos for 1 kilo. With this affordable amount we can be able to make French fries or mashed potatoes. Wombok can be bought at a low of 10 pesos to 15 pesos, while carrots are priced from 5 pesos to 9 pesos and Sayote 8 pesos to 12 pesos. Fruits are also at a low price just like oranges, apples and lemons. We can buy 1 kilo of the following fruits for about 20-40 pesos, unlike in other places like Manila. These fruits cost 20 pesos for just one piece. Since its soil is rich in nutrients, we can live there by ourselves through planting.

Eating those foods makes our body back to its condition from the tiring travel. We need to burn the fats gained from the foods eaten while exploring Public Market. Be an explorer like Dora and be an adventurous in visiting new places.

Baguio will never be Baguio without the Burnham Park. Walking around this place is worth it. We can rent a boat and row around the man-made lake for about 60 pesos. We can also have a picnic, go biking and watch a football game around the area.

The Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral adapted the Gothic style of Renaissance Period that is why many tourists love to have and take pictures here. Our Lady of Atonement is a patronage for those sinners who wanted to have a change in life and so people from far places would go to this place despite of the long distance.

Bencab Museum is known for its different paintings, sculptures, drawings, and prints made by a national artist and the master of contemporary art, Benedicto Cabrera. One of the eye- grabber in the museum is the Erotica Gallery that has many paintings, drawings, sculptures and some works of various artists with an erotic theme and subject.

Lourdes Grotto is also a beautiful place in Baguio, yet challenging. Since it is located in the Dominican hill, it is a must-climb 252 steps in order to reach the altar of Lourdes Grotto. However the hardships are worth the pain because beautiful scenic view of mountainsides is waiting. It is very fulfilling when you have done something good and when good fruits are the results of your efforts.

Panagbenga is one of the most exciting and anticipating festival of the year. It is a festival of many and different kinds of flowers. Floats from different sponsors and artists from GMA and ABS-CBN are one of their major events that is why tourists from far places love to watch live in Baguio rather than watching in their homes. Since City of Pines is popularly known for its Panagbenga, there is a place that has wide range of herbal, flowering, and decorative plants called Botanical Garden. Even some plants are not for sale, it can be visited and take pictures with a wonderful and colorful background.

Visiting Baguio is not boring. It is very interesting and exciting to know their way of living and exposing oneself to different tourist spots. For the first-timers it is good to visit in February because it is the month when Baguio is coldest and when flower festival is celebrated. Many known personalities will be riding in float parades. It is also the time where the prices of the different ‘pasalubongs’ are at low price.

Going to Baguio is more than the worth of your travel expenses because the experiences   are not for sale, it is for you to take a break and prepare to sail.

(photo used was taken by Moe Abellera)
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All Aboard to the Feels Train

(by TRICIA MAE MALICDEM, ABM – 1 Student from Mangaldan National High School, Pangasinan)

You probably have heard of the new zombie film called “Train to Busan” and you may or may not know that it is actually the first zombie movie of South Korea. But what’s more interesting is the fact that it has an audience record of an increasing number of over 10 million theatergoers despite the fact that the whole film was in Korean! Well of course subtitles were used throughout the movie but still this is an astonishing feat.

I myself do not have any interest in zombie films and I did not even have the slightest motivation to go and watch the film. And yet in one way or another, my older sister, who is hyped about anything South Korean and a zombie enthusiast, eventually convinced me to watch Train to Busan with her. And for the very first time I am so glad that she did because I can say that this zombie film gave me a whole level of respect for this genre. This movie was definitely not just a zombie film, it had something else.

The story started with a quite realistic scenario. Father and daughter, Seok-Woo (Gong Yoo) and Soo-An (Kim Soo-Ahn), are not getting along well with each other. Because of her parent’s circumstances and the fact that Seok-Woo is a busy fund manager in Seoul, Soo-An can’t help but feel lonely. On the night before her birthday, Soo-An insists on seeing her mother for her birthday even if she had to go alone. Seok-Woo did not permit this idea and had no choice but to go with her. So early the next morning, they board the KTX train for Busan at Seoul Station. However just before the KTX train leaves Seoul Station, a zombie infected girl jumps onto the train. With an infected on board and the horrible virus spreading like wildfire Seok-Woo, Soo-An and the other passengers on the KTX train must now battle and risk their lives on a journey that they could never have imagined.

That thought alone is already quite horrible for me but it’s different for others, they find it exciting. I expected rotting bodies, blood splatters and gut sinking gore scenes just like any other zombie film that my sister forced me to watch with her. And yes they were definitely shown but it was in a level that I can tolerate and the gore scenes were not overdone yet still remained the thrilling adrenaline rush.

In terms of movie aspects, the part that really had an impact on me the most was how great everyone’s acting was and how it was executed. From the main actors down to the mindless zombies, all of them really did a great job. The zombies were most definitely frightening not just because of their gruesome looks but as well as they were really fast and were literally sprinting compared to zombies on other zombie films in general who were very wobbly and slow. Aside from the lovable main and second main characters, Yong-Suk who is a businessman and that one character that everyone hated was also played very well by Kim Ui-Seong. So much that the movie theater would be filled with countless profanity almost whenever he was shown. Let us not forget the tear jerking scenes which really shook me and I swear that if it were not because of my sister bawling in the corner of her seat, which for me was quite hilarious, I would have shed endless tears.

Speaking of tear jerking scenes, the background track music really played an important part in making the scenes more effective. It really sets the mood for the variety of scenes showed whether it was action packed, slow paced, suspense, heart wrenching, etc. It also emphasized the rollercoaster of emotions felt throughout the film where a tear jerking scene can suddenly turn into an action packed scene and vice versa. Out of all the background track music, two particular pieces really captured my heart. They are “Goodbye World”, an amazingly moving piano piece, and “Aloha Oe.”

Goodbye World really gave a lasting impact on me the most. Even though more than a week has already passed once I play it, my tears would start falling. On the other hand, Aloha Oe was really a major punch back to my childhood because of the cartoon series “Lilo and Stitch”. I really appreciate the use of Aloha Oe in the movie and as well as what it symbolized.

However even with all of these, I still cannot help but find some possibly “lacking” aspects of the movie. One of which was the lack of character background which for me was actually quite understandable since the plot was focused on the actual process of survival rather than each of the character’s personal issues. Another example is the lack of information about the zombie virus. The movie did not elaborate the actual reason on how and why this horrible virus spread throughout the mass.

I was not quite content with the ending as well. My speculations increased on what the life of the survivors would be, what they felt after all of that, the people who are living in Busan and much more. Fortunately, there was actually an additional piece of film entitled “Seoul Station” which is said to be the continuation of the movie.

And allow me to say this again, Train to Busan is certainly not just any other zombie film. Its connection to reality was very special and left me thinking deeper than I ever thought I would in a zombie film even more than the popular zombie movie “Warm Bodies”. Setting the zombie ordeal aside, I was left with the impression of pure human emotions. Like how we humans can be consumed by fear and greed which was shown by the passengers of the train where their own life was seen to be “more important” than the life of other passengers; how our unconditional love for our family proved to be so powerful enough to make very big sacrifices which was shown through numerous heart wrenching deaths; and how us humans progress and change for the better as we strive to make connections with other people’s hearts. There are actually a lot more but for now I’ll leave the rest for you my dear readers to think about it.

Overall, Train to Busan totally blew up all of my concerns on the fact that it is a zombie film even though the concept is not new to us, it showed a unique and refreshing take on this genre and I absolutely came to adore it! It even proved to me that the film is not just about gore and thrills that you would normally expect on this kind of genre, it gave me even more than that.

I highly recommend it to everyone not just zombie enthusiasts but as well as my fellow “scaredy cats” and people who cannot take on gore to give this movie a chance. I assure you, your time will not be wasted and I hope it will give you a better outlook on life. I also encourage the people who may have already watched this movie to give it a much deeper outlook and meaning on what the movie is trying to convey to us. 10/10 would watch it again!

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Getting over the Ghost of the past with McDO

(by ANA MARY VISPERAS, ABM 1 Student from Mangaldan National High School, Pangasinan)

When destiny meddles in the picture of an almost perfect couple, the harmony shifts from upbeat to gloomy. The endless magic seems to fade away with the passionate love. From uttering the single word “breakup”, worlds are altered and ruined.

The past of yesterday never dies. It creates ghost that haunts worlds within the ongoing life. It is undeniably true that breakup is a typical scenario that holds the past from fading. It haunts down those people who are used to be involved in the said relationship.

At least that was highlighted in the last viral hugot ad of McDO, “Tuloy Pa Rin” banging the social world in June 4 and gaining about 7 million views on Facebook and YouTube.

The one minute ad had summed it all. From an ordinary scene to a deeper story behind the girl’s past.

It tells the story of this one normal average girl holding a tray of food in a fast food chain looking for a vacant spot. She has the spirit of happiness painted on her face when a vacant place got her attention. However, the curve of her lips began to turn into a grimace when that site became too familiar to her. She paused and gazed at it. Then she saw something. She was again on that day, the most heart-breaking day. She was watching a girl and a boy sitting on that spot. They were intently talking and the girl started to shed some tears. The boy got up but the girl’s face was pleading not to. She even tried to stop the boy and held his hand. But the boy mouthed “I’m sorry” and he parted the girl’s hand from his. He left the girl without looking back. Pain was written all over the girls face. She began to sob uncontrollably. And everything faded away in that spot. There she was again starring her own self. Once again, she was being hunted by the ghost of the past.

After remembering the past, the girl chose to sit again in that spot where it all happened. As Krystle Jove Yague sings “Tuloy pa rin ang awit ng buhay ko, magbago man ang himig ng puso mo.” in the background, the girl chose to continue her life again and enjoy the moment of eating the new burger McDO.

If not for the best acting skills of Elisse Joson this commercial ad would have not been successful and effectual. Elisse, 20, was crowned by the netizens as the queen of hugot. Since the released of this ad she has been receiving many complements and attentions from different people. And now she is currently starting to bloom in the         world of actors and actresses with many upcoming projects.

The competence of McDO and the beauty of the plot was wrapped up in this one. This commercial ad was not only to persuade people to try the new burger of McDO but also to implant new values to the viewers.  It serves as a good inspiration for everybody not only for the broken hearted ones, to cope up and continue living in every circumstances.

It introduces to the people the true essence of change that when change steps in the scene of life, nobody can cease the inevitable from happening. However, change beats off the crummy past of life and welcome things for the better.


Failed Relationships

            It portrayed the number one enemy of relationships, failure. With the boy leaving the crying girl behind it was already understood that they had a failed relationship whatever the reason is. It captured the unbeaten issue about breakups in the society nowadays.

On-going relationships of teenagers are considered the most critical stage and closest to fail. Teenagers are still in the transitional stage of achieving full maturity. They are not capable of producing strong foundation for it.  They tend to have a change of feelings emotions. They usually mixed infatuation and love feelings.

“Breakup” usually pangs almost of the teenagers. For them it is the most painful part and risk on being in a relationship as it is seen in the girl’s reaction. Acceptance and moving on is not an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, mostly of them believe that no one deserves to be hurt.

Just like in the scene, how it was easy for the boy to totally end their relationship and leave the girl behind, teenagers’ present ideology of breakups is that they speculate higher probability of break ups in each of the people’s love life. Every time teenagers see lovebirds around they become bitter and predict their separation date or worst they shout out “Walang forever!”.


Art of moving-on

The moment the girl sat in the chair, ate the burger and smiled again she already hugged the new changes in her life. It is the art moving on.

            It takes courage to love as well as to forget the painful past. Forgetting means accepting that everything is already over, no rewind, no continuation and no what if’s.

Healing needs time. The girl in the commercial actually have not yet recovered from the breakup, even so she is willing to. It takes a long time to fix back the shattered pieces parts of the heart but eventually in the end, everything will be healed back.


Reality check

            It is not afraid to be bold, too. The Tuloy Pa Rin featured only realism in the context. It chose to encase the subject breakup, moving on and change usually youth had been experiencing.

In just one minute McDO was able to project the youths going on dilemma especially girls. Most of the viewers who shared this, hit the like button, or watched it  many  times are usually those who can relate and feel they are in girl’s shoes. Broken-hearteds as people label and call them.

The girl’s scenario was all too common and familiar for the other girls. It was an insight of the heartbroken leagues in the reality on how hard it was for them to take in the breakup decision and pass through the stony process of moving on. They were considered to be a damsel in distress.

Even so, the girl’s change of mood was the representation of all the girls bravery in facing all odds. They can withstand getting dumped in a relationship. They can smile again even with an aching heart. They can live without the man they used to love. And above all, girls could eat again in their favourite food chain bearing the changes in their life for the better without a man beside them.



Sanguine position is spotted in this viral ad. Though it was focused on relationships, the side of change was also shown.

How McDO introduce its new burger was impactful. It did not only hit the meaning “Try the new burger McDO it is mouthwatering!” but also the line “When change happens, it can be for the better.” It was clearly have not been for selling purposes only but also for delivering a great lesson in life to the viewers.

The ad was indirectly giving all the people a hint of happiness in life. It was giving the idea that there will always be a yesterday and tomorrow.

In life, change is inevitable. However, the beauty is seen in the eye of the beholder. Change is on the matter of perspective, it can be for the better and worst. It’s only up to person to decide.  And this ad suggests the first option, optimism.

Instead of looking back for the past, people should see the life a head. Change should be look at as an option of bettering things not as laments of past. Past tense is past tense, no more regrets. Move on and welcome change, this is the greatest way to kill the ghost of the past. People should haunt it down first before it haunts them through the reality.

Among all the commercial ads of McDO, “Tuloy Pa Rin” is the most worth remembering one. It has a great combination of artist, singer, director, background song and plot. It has a beautiful concept that it even beats off the current commercial ad of biggest stars in the industry of acting, Marian and Dingdong Dantes.